Dr. Hariom Gupta

Designation: Scientist
Phone No:
Phone Ext. No: 6630
E-Mail: hariomgupta@csmcri.res.in

Research Activities

NMR Study of Organic, Magnetic Complexes and Magnetic Nanomaterials; Development of Nanomaterial/Nanocomposites for Biomedical, Enhanced MRI contrast, Membrane, Water Purification, Separation applications


• [a] NMR spectroscopic/MRI study of organic and biological samples; Diffusion and Relaxometric (T1 and T2) study of plant object of diseased & stressed plant and Electro-Dialysis membranes. • [b] Operation of NMR Facility; Acquisition and interpretation of proton, carbon, multinuclear NMR (23Na, 7Li, 17O, 35Cl etc.) and other specific NMR experiment (1d NOE, 1d ROESY, 2d NOESY, 2d ROESY, 2D DOSY etc.) of organic, ionic liquids, inorganic materials and salts. Hand on experience of scientific data interpretation of FT-IR, Raman, XRD, SEM, TEM, TGA, DSC, DLS, VSM, BET, ICP and XPS etc. • [c] Development of nanostructures based MRI contrast agent and evolution of their contrasting characteristics & compatibility for biomedical application.


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